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Good Morning Spinach Potato Omelette!

Omelettes are great. Plain and simple. The best thing about an omelette is that you can put anything into it your heart desires! I love to put fresh vegetables and awesome cheese into my omelettes. Everything else is what we call in New Orleans, lagniappe!

Leftovers are also a great addition to omelettes. Last night I had sliced sautéed potatoes for dinner. Those wonderful leftovers went into today's omelette.

I believe the main cooking accessory for an omelette is the perfect pan. I like my omelette open face, therefore I like a small nonstick pan. My favorite one is an iron, porcelain coated. By letting the pan come to heat and then adding a touch of oil it slides out flawlessly!

Here's a step-by-step on the beauty that I made this morning.

I sliced one slice of bacon into thin strips placed it on the bottom of the pan and covered with thin slivers of fresh spinach.

Let that cook for 5 to 6 minutes and then I added last nights potatoes.

I added some sliced button mushrooms.

Sometimes I like to scramble the eggs before pouring it on top of the ingredients. There are other times when I like to just crack the eggs right on top. This is how I did it this time.

The next step to the perfect omelette is my cheese! Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my cheese. I used a beautiful fragrant Jarlsberg.

For me onion is a must in my omelette. This time I chose a mild green onion.

I turn the heat down to medium and cover and let everything become lovely together.

I had some vine ripened tomatoes to have on the side of my omelette. I slice them, sprinkled with salt and pepper and drizzled with good olive oil.

Nothing gets my day going like an absolutely lovely breakfast. Now, go eat!

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