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Norwegian Comfort Food! Fiskegrateng

Fiskegrateng is a fish and macaroni casserole. It is a favorite comfort food of children and adults in Norway. It is sold as a heat and serve dish made by many different companies and also sold by the kilo in many warm food delis. My opinion, there's nothing better than making your own at home! It takes a bit more time but oh so worth the effort. It can also be frozen to heat later.

Here I make a slightly "Jazzed Up" version of traditional fiskegrateng.

You'll need:

1 large or 2 medium filets of cod

1 teaspoon dried thyme

1-1/2 cups uncooked macroni

3 strips bacon, chopped (optional)

1 tbsp butter

3 tbsp flour


1/3 cup unseasoned breadcrumbs

1 tsp nutmeg

salt and ground black pepper

1/2 cup finely sliced green onion

1 finely minced small shallot

2 eggs

1/2 tsp Chef Paul's Seafood Spice (optional)

1/2 tsp fish sauce (optional)

2 slices Jarlsberg cheese (optional)

In a medium sauce pan place your cod filet with enough water to just cover the bottom of the pan. I put my green onion, shallots, and Chef Paul's Seafood Spice, (if you don't have that, a little salt and pepper) on top of the fish. Put on medium heat and let the fish steam. DO NOT OVER COOK!!

Remove from heat when it's done and set aside.

In another sauce pan make a white roux to create a bechamel sauce by melting the butter and adding the flour. stir constantly for about 10 minutes of medium high heat. Before it starts to brown slowly begin adding milk until the sauce its a very thick creamy consistency. Turn your heat down to low at this point.

This is when I add salt, pepper, nutmeg and fish sauce. When it's well blended I like to add 2 slices of Jarlsberg cheese.

In a hot frying pan cook the chopped bacon until crispy and set aside and prepare macaroni according to package directions, drain and set aside.

Now it's time to combine all this goodness together. In a deep baking dish, add the macaroni. In a bowl whisk your eggs and pour them over the noodles and stir to coat them. Then mix in the bechamel sauce.

Next stir in the bacon. I use the bacon grease as well because, why not?!

Add the flaked fish with green onion and shallots

Once it's all well mixed, use a silicone spatula to scrape the edges of the baking dish. This makes for cleaner baking process.

Then, sprinkle the breadcrumbs, evenly over the top. I also sprinkle parsley on top, just because it's pretty.

Set the oven at 200C and bake for 35-40 minutes, until top is golden brown.

I love to serve this dish with a very simple mixed green salad.

This is truly a wonder, cozy comfort food that's also complete with Omega-3!

Now, go cook, eat and start a revolution!

Teedy Cooks!

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