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Happy Lunchbox, Wraps!

My husband spends 12+ hours a day in his tractor. He often works along countryside roads where there's no place to stop and find lunch. When I'm not on tour, I love making him a lunchbox to take with him. I enjoying thinking up new, cool meals that can be easily packed and eaten while he's on the road.

More people are taking their own lunches to work and school. You have better control over what you're consuming and its sooooooo much cheaper than paying for meals at cafés everyday.

We all know how to make a tasty sandwich or salad, but I thought it was time for a wrap in that box.

Wraps can be made with any meats, fish or all veggies. Roasted or grilled veggie wraps are fantastic! Add beans, seeds, nuts or tofu to boost your protein content to ensure you'll be full and have great energy.

For this wrap I decided to make pulled pork. I bought a small, inexpensive pork roast. Seasoned with Creole spices, cumin, fresh cilantro and stuffed it with garlic. I put it into the slow cooker on low for several hours and let it get tender and fabulous.

For my Cole slaw I followed a basic slaw recipe but I replaced the mayonnaise with Greek yogurt and coconut oil. Choose healthier fats whenever possible. I added grated horseradish for a nice spicy kick.

I placed a bed of fresh baby spinach and then slaw on my tortilla. I use plain large flour tortillas for Fuzzy, I prefer using whole wheat for myself. You can use any variety you'd like.

Sprouts and little squirt of coarse mustard...

Then top it with your shredded pork...

Roll it up and wrap it in wax paper or aluminum foil. Wraps can be fun, versatile and they're easy to pack and eat. When you keep your meal choices interesting you tend to avoid poor habits.

Now, go cook, eat and start a revolution!

If you enjoy the recipes, share them with your friends! #teedycooks

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