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Make time for #BeautifulBrunch!

I am a firm believer in making time for beautiful food whenever possible. Today, I took a break to make time to create a beautiful brunch!

I returned home from a tour in Spain with YSJE. We played great music and ate fantastic food. I always bring home some of the delicious I find when out on tour. I brought home fantastic Valor Chocolate for eating and for making thick creamy wonderful Spanish hot chocolate. I got some rich, intense olive oil and and beautiful, bright green mild manchego cheese.


For brunch I sauteed onion, red and green bell pepper and sausage in mild olive oil. Sliced up some vine ripened organic tomatoes and green onion and drizzled with some of that Intense olive oil and made an egg in a toast nest. I finished off this beautiful display with some curls of that rich, creamy and fragrant basil infused manchego.

Bright, colorful food, fresh, in season ingredients make for the best taste possible. We deserve delicious. Now, go eat!

Teedy Cooks!

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